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Target Beauty Box – MOVING & GROOMING

When you’re a man on the move, grooming can be a hassle. To make your life simple, we did the dirty work for you: Here, the essentials that make looking good easy—and effortless. Your skin, hair, and beard will thank us, and so will you.

Every month Target launches a beauty box, they usually don’t last long.
This is a review of the 2019 October Beauty Box for Men – Moving and Grooming. I purchased for $7 plus tax with my own money.

Well, spa day with the man in my life was a no-go. Damn, I wanted to keep this review thing fun and get him involved in the review process… He said tell me when I get partnered with Bespoke or some manly subscription box, like fishing or whiskey glasses. Well Bespoke and other manly sub box companies, call me!

October Target Beauty Box Moving & GroomingOctober Target Beauty Box Moving & Grooming

Suave Men 3-in-1 Citrus Rush Shampoo + Conditioner and Body Wash – 3 fl oz
3-in-1 formula cleans and conditions your hair and body in just one simple step.

This smells super good. I don’t want a repeat of the “on the go deodorant wipes incident” at the end of this article, so I opted to just wash my hands. I suppose I was being a bit overly cautious, it smells light and citrusy. I actually like it! It doesn’t leave behind an overpowering smell and I can only smell it when my hands are near my face, but just barely. My hands don’t feel like they are drying up, I doubt he’ll use it, his skin is way more sensitive than mine is. That’s why we opt to use light fragrances in this home, opting to use expensive natural soaps with light fragrances. I personally am sensitive to smells.

October Target Beauty Box Moving & GroomingOctober Target Beauty Box Moving & Grooming

The Art of Shaving Unscented Pre-Shave Oil, Shaving Cream & After-Shave Balm  – 3 pk/0.1 fl oz
Collection of shaving essentials is formulated with botanical ingredients and essential oils that soften the beard for a close, comfortable shave and leave skin feeling smooth and moisturized.

Unscented! Unscented is right, who wants to smell a bunch of fancy fragrances that probably shouldn’t be on your face in the first place while manscaping. Also, beard, there is no way in hell I’d let him shave his beard… So I’m testing this out on a small part of my leg. Why don’t they make this stuff for women? The small product got all of my legs from the knee down, there are several uses for shaving your face in this box. The saying ‘a little bit goes a long way’ applies to these products. I’m going to break it down for the individual packets because it is essentially three products that are sold separately.

  • Pre-Shave oil – You use the Pre-Shave Gel, which is an oil that is silky smooth and actually does have a smell, but it’s not a fragrance, it’s from the clove leaf oil they use. In fact, all the ingredients in this are natural oils. It felt amazing on my skin, it made my hair soft and my skin smooth. With the combination of the Pre-Shave Oil(which did most the work) and the Shaving Cream, the razor has never slid across my skin so smoothly and effortlessly. I think something like this is what I have been missing from my shaving routine my entire life.
  • Shaving Cream – The Shaving cream has a thick consistency that lathers up quite well, it is very creamy and smooth, with a pearly sheen to it. It worked so well with Pre-Shave Oil. I didn’t get irritation I get with some cheap shave creams I use. But for little as I had to use, I was impressed!
  • After Shave Balm – This really did put the cherry on top. The balm has grape seed oil extract and orange peel wax in it, naturally it has a light scent, you can hardly smell is. My legs feel excellent!

Overall, I feel like my legs got the barber’s treatment, which I just now found out is available for ladies… Though, I think I will leave my shaving to self-care at home.

October Target Beauty Box Moving & GroomingOctober Target Beauty Box Moving & Grooming

Bandito Chill a Minute…or 30 Cream Mask  – .5 fl oz
Balancing mask helps minimize the appearance of pores to reveal an even complexion.

There’s no way I am getting him to put this mask on he’s already declined twice. You see, one his skin is sensitive and two the beard that I talked him into growing 18 months back, it is beardiful and long! His friends and coworkers have man-spect(man respect) for those manly locks! I tried to tempt him after a few drinks on a Saturday night thinking he’d give in. Denied! I guess I’ll have to try it.
The cream mask made of kaolin clay, shea butter, and olive oil(I use that or coconut oil to remove my makeup, great for the skin guys). I don’t know why I thought it would be blue. It’s a white cream and has zero dyes in it. It smells soft and sweet, I was reading the ingredients- it contains sugar cane extract, raspberry extract, orange fruit extract, lemon fruit extract, and vitamin E. This feels great on my skin, the cream mask goes on thick and creamy, it’s not overwhelming in odor, and my face feels milky smoothe afterward. Wiping it off your face is as easy as putting it on, truth be told, I wore this like 40 minutes, I really liked it! My guy sure did miss out on this one! Shame!

October Target Beauty Box Moving & GroomingOctober Target Beauty Box Moving & Grooming

Crest Gum and Sensitivity – All Day Protection – 0.85 oz
Specialized formula neutralizes harmful plaque bacteria at the gum line and provides effective sensitivity relief within days.

I use Sensodyne religiously, I haven’t tried Crest’s toothpaste before. It’s soft mint, I am not a fan of peppermint. I hate peppermint, I’m more of a spearmint fan. It does feel nice on my teeth, I guess I don’t have much to say about it, it’s toothpaste. If you’re looking for a tooth for sensitive teeth I’d recommend Sensodyne ProNamel over this, but that is my personal preference because I drink a  lot of tea and vodka cranberries. My teeth get sensitive, might as well proactive.

October Target Beauty Box Moving & GroomingOctober Target Beauty Box Moving & GroomingOctober Target Beauty Box Moving & Grooming

Dove Men+Care Active Fresh On the Go Deodorant Wipes – 10 ct
Instantly wipes away odor—whenever, wherever—so you can feel fresh even on-the-go.

I have to bee 100% honest — At first, I thought this smelled really nice and fresh, I even used it on my arms, shoulders and lower legs for a smell test and to feel how the wipe felt on my skin. It was nice at first, and then, oh man literally, it quickly became overpowering as I sat here writing this review, the scent got stronger and stronger, it was unbearable! I smelled like that guy at the office who can’t smell or tell how much Old Spice he dumped on. It was offensive! I had to take a quick shower with my hot water handle on full. I didn’t not like this product, but men, if your body is so stinky that you have to use something like this, you might have a case of swamp ass. I’d refer you to some lightly scented products like Extra Large Cleansing Cloths or ShowerPill: The Body Wipe. Maybe consider those products for those long weeks out at the hunting camp or the fishing lodge. I almost feel like I can still smell it, whew!

October Target Beauty Box Moving & GroomingOctober Target Beauty Box Moving & GroomingOctober Target Beauty Box Moving & Grooming

Head & Shoulders Old Spice Pure Sport Dandruff 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner – 3 fl oz
2-in-1 formula fights dandruff and nourishes the scalp so your mane is flake-free.

Admit it, some of us get dandruff from time to time. My guy uses head and shoulders regularly, so I think he’ll appreciate the travel size. It smells good but strong and overpowering. I have used Head and Shoulders 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner before, my preference is to only use the shampoo version, the 2-in-1 tends to make my hair overly conditioned and leads my hair to get too oily on day two after wash.

Verdict: Whew, I think I am done smelling things for the day! I can’t say the whole box was impressive as much as my Sleigh The Day December Beauty box. The products were mostly generic and way over fragranced. I was super happy with the shaving products that were unscented. I’m going to go ahead and wrap this up because I have a headache brewing from the scents in this box. Next, I’ll be laying out the math in comparison to the amount of product vs value from the full sizes.

The total value of this box is just about at cost $7.55. I don’t think there was a good value in this box. Although I did love the shave that I got out of The Art of Shaving products and I would highly recommend you try them out for yourself, both ladies and gentlemen! A shave is a shave! The mask was quite nice I might add, and for about $4 it’s worth it, that generally what I pay for my single-use facemasks.

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