Ipsy V-Day 2020

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IPSY Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Mystery Bag

Say “be mine” to five surprise products that’ll get you date-night ready,
all in a super cute bag. Every bag received a bonus keychain gift!

Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription box that sends you sample size or full-sized depending on the subscription tier you chose. These products may either be make-up or beauty products such as facial cleansers or make-up brushes. This is a review of the 2020 IPSY Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Mystery Bag that I purchased for $14 with my own money.


IPSY V-day Mystery Bag 2020Ipsy V-Day 2020IPSY V-Day Mystery Bag 2020Ipsy V-Day 2020


Currently, Ipsy is SOLD OUT of this mystery bag. I was lucky enough to snatch one just before Valentine’s day before they were out of stock, and I am one lucky gal! I will be sharing with you what I received in my Valentine’s Day Limited Edition MysteryBag! The theme is romance and self-care. If I am not mistaken, everything in this box is both cruelty-free and vegan.


Ipsy V-Day 2020Ipsy V-Day 2020Ipsy V-Day 2020Ipsy V-Day 2020


IPSY Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Mystery Bag – Three Hearts Key Chain

This bag included a little adorable keychain with three hearts in what appears to be a chat message, I could use on a small wallet for a little flare, I wouldn’t want to scratch this on my keychain. On the back of the keychain reads IPSY. I am assuming that this is a limited edition keychain for this Valentine’s Day only.


Ipsy V-Day 2020


Limited Edition Valentine’ Day Mystery ‘Love Letter Envelope’ Bag

This Bag is absolutely adorable, it opens up like an envelope just as a love letter would. It has a nice velvety touch and is such brilliant deep purple, with a pop of lovely reflective rose pink lip that has a cute little deep purple metal snap used to close it instead of their usual zippered bag. The inside is the same brilliant deep purple as the outside of the bag and is the usual material used. It is a very unique and beautiful handbag that could double as a clutch for date night.


Ipsy V-Day 2020Ipsy V-Day 2020Ipsy V-Day 2020Ipsy V-Day 2020Ipsy V-Day 2020Ipsy V-Day 2020


Lovecraft Beauty Blush Palette

Palette of 3 layer-able, satin finish blushes in a non-drying, light-reflecting formula. There’s nothing like the natural flush on your cheeks after leaving the gym or when your crush walks into the room. Luckily, this blush palette gives you the same pinky glow, without the sweat or nervous butterflies.

• Altheda – Rose Tone (Greek for “With Healing Power”)
• Dauphine – Apricot Tone (Named for a famous French Quarter street in New Orleans)
• Scalia – Deep Rose Tone (Louisiana Creole Name)

These are beautiful shades that go on like butter and are easy to blend if you apply in light layers blending as you go, I love all the colors. the box is very unique in it’s packaging as well as compact. I love that it has a big wide mirror you can use to apply your color. The colors are so neutral that could even use it for base eye color and add shimmer on top. This Blush Palette was available in last year’s 2019 April Glam Bag Plus, lucky me that I got my very own,


Ipsy V-Day 2020Ipsy V-Day 2020Ipsy V-Day 2020Ipsy V-Day 2020Ipsy V-Day 2020Ipsy V-Day 2020


Space Case Cosmetics Seen From Space Highlighter 1-B

If you’re just getting started with makeup, try perfecting your highlighter technique with SPACE CASE COSMETICS. The powder formula goes on more like a cream and plays well with brushes, sponges, and your fingertips. It’s also on the subtle side, so you don’t have to do a ton of blending to create a seamless look with your foundation.

Space Case Cosmetics Seen From Space Highlighter 1-B is a very nude-toned shimmer, perfect for beginners like me. in fact, last month I received a highlighter fan brush, but no highlighter, I was a bit disappointed. But now I get to try my first highlighter. Before starting my review site, I always went for a matte classic look. But this year I decided I wanted to try new things. This is the perfect shade to start with because it’s a nude shade and very toned down, it looks great on my wrist. I would try it on my face, but I am currently sitting with the next product on my face. 😋


Ipsy V-Day 2020Ipsy V-Day 2020


Sweet Honey Bear Face Mask Soothing and Nourishing

Enriched with honey, sunflower seed extract, and royal jelly extract to help refresh and energize skin leaving it soft, smooth and supple. The lightweight essence absorbs fast and provides hydration without leaving it greasy.

I love, love, love face masks, and have been considering subscribing to Facetory for a while now, I mean this is a site based around subscription boxes and other product reviews, so why not.

Winnie the Pooh Mask

I was expecting a bear on it, but I was glad to find that there wasn’t, there is a trend going around online where people post pooh bear face masks and it is slightly disturbing. Crisis averted! But seriously, who needs ink from a sheet mask getting absorbed into your face?

It is very lightly scented, smells lightly of fruit and almost like honey. It is a bit sticky and feels very supple. My face feels refreshed moisturized. I may have been sitting in this mask for probably longer than recommended, no regrets my face feels amazing.


Ipsy V-Day 2020Ipsy V-Day 2020


Aqua Moisture Raccoon Face Mask Refining and Deeply Moisturizing

This rich in hyaluronic acid sheet mask improves the appearance of fine lines, revitalizes dull and dry skin, leaving it soft and hydrated.

I just used a face sheet mask, so I will come back and update when I do get a chance to use this one. I am looking forward to trying it and probably should have tried this one first because I tend to have dry skin and red tones.


Ipsy V-Day 2020Ipsy V-Day 2020


Beauty For Real Sunlight Lip Gloss + Shine

This naturally plumping lip gloss with high-shine, non-sticky formula is enriched with hydrating aloe vera and avocado oil to keep your lips soft and smooth. Grape-seed oil and green tea extract provide essential vitamins and antioxidants. You can layer over any lipstick to create customized colors or apply on for a natural-looking sheen.

This Sunlight lip gloss is to die for, it feels so nice on my lips, they say it’s non-sticky, though it has what I call a mack, lightly sticky… but it isn’t though, makes you want to mack(not smack) your lips together. The color is perfect it is a neutral color and a gloss to add a hydrated look that stays on your lips. I really love Beauty For Real products, last month I got a tinted lip balm in my Ipsy bag.


Ipsy V-Day 2020Ipsy V-Day 2020


Delectable By Cake Beauty Butter Balm Hand Cream Triple Citrus Blend

Delight your senses with this remarkably rich butter balm hand cream. Infused with shea butter and a Triple Citrus Blend of grapefruit, orange, and tangerine extracts, this beautiful balm hydrates and nourishes for immediate and long-lasting results. Hands up for this supernatural goodness. Created and Canada and is cruelty-free!

This smells astonishingly sweet and makes my hands feel so nourished without feeling greasy. I wish you could all smell the sweet orange, tangerine, and grapefruit, this is truly a rare scent! It’s a shame it is discontinued and I got to try it only to find out that Cake Beauty no longer makes it, this makes me happy to try and sad I can’t buy! But you can grab their Delectable By Cake Beauty Triple Citrus Blend Body Butter Cream that I can only assume would be very similar to the hand cream. 


Verdict: This was a great mystery bag, and I was slightly concerned because I have heard stories of disappointing mystery bags, but for Valentine’s day, I just had to take a chance. I will be valuing the products next to see the actual value of the mystery bag.

 The total value of this Mystery Bag is $72.85, not including the bag and keychain brings the value to $65.85. Ipsy estimated this mystery bag at $65.67.

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