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Daily Goodie Box

Daily Goodie Box is a monthly goodie box filled with free full-sized products for you to try out, and guess what, it’s 100% free, there’s no catch. The only thing you need to do is try out the products they send you, then leave your review for the products on their website. They never ask you for your credit card and shipping is 100% free!

When you sign up, you provide your shipping information and answer a few questions so they get to know you, answering all the questions raises your chance of receiving a Daily Goodie Box. Occasionally they will email you requesting you answer a few more questions from time to time, like “Do you like candy”, “Do you like chocolate?”, “What kind of Chocolate?”.

They never ask you for personal information like other product testing website, “What’s your mother’s maiden?” will never be something they need to know! They just want to know what kind of products you want to try, like chocolate, tiger balm pain patches, itch cream, chips, lip balms, and candy. Answering your questions puts you on the list, but doesn’t always guarantee a monthly box.

The best way to guarantee a box after signing up is to join their Facebook page and participate in their most recent post. Every post anywhere from 10 to 500 boxes are given away to people that responded in the comment section. You can’t just say, “I want this.”, or “This would be so great, send me a box”. And definitely don’t leave a comment with “I never get chosen”, because that how you don’t get chosen.

You respond to their posts with a scenario in which the post is relevant to you and is appropriate for you. Say they were promoting jelly, tell them how you enjoy pairing cheese, meat, and wines with your favorite jams. Or explain how you or someone you know have a food allergin and now have to switch what kind of bread is consumed and hadn’t thought of using jelly to make it fun again.

They want real people with real opinions to give real feedback about the new products that companies are trying to get out to consumers. They are not looking for freebie sharks. Daily Goodie Box is legit and wants to work with consumers who can give their honest opinion in a detailed manner. Companies work with Daily Goodie Box for feedback on their products to improve their products with help from the Daily Goodie Box community.

Daily Goodie Box for February!

What’s in the box?!

Daily Goodie Box Review FebruaryDaily Goodie Box Review FebruaryDaily Goodie Box Review FebruaryDaily Goodie Box Review February

PureLYFT – All Natural Caffeine Powder

According to the product site, PureLYFT is a portable stir-stick containing 125 mg of dissolvable clean caffeine derived from green coffee beans before it undergoes the roasting process and is supplemented by Vitamins A & B12 complex. It’s not littered with the after-lag of an energy drink, or the regretful stomach ache of coffee(which I get). PureLYFT has zero calories, is all-natural, no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors, is NON-GMO, clean-tasting, vegan-friendly, easy to use and made in America.

I was really excited to try this “clean product”. I really like this product and its convenience, I popped and poured, stirred for 15 seconds and violà, caffeinated water. It has a nice light flavor and would be perfect for infused water. It was just the right amount of caffeine without putting me in that “can’t sit down and concentrate, jajajajaja” feeling that I can get with some coffees. I tend to be a bit caffeine sensitive and can’t drink it too late into the day, least it affect my sleep. I like the fact it has zero calories, all-natural, it’s free of artificial preservatives and easy to use. The stirrer itself is pretty neat looking…

However, I am not a huge environmentalist, but I am conscious of the product I use in my home and I try not to use single-use plastics unless I have no choice. After writing my review on Daily Goodie Box I found out, they do use recycled plastic to make their stirrers. However, nowhere on their product or their website do they mention recyclability except when comparing going green to green coffee. I did reach out to PureLYFT for comment today and am waiting for a reply. I’m never going to judge people for their waste, but I do encourage people to be more aware of the amount of waste they are potentially producing.

Otherwise, I think the product is very cool and innovative, very convenient great for on the go, made with green coffee which is cleaner than roasted and has vitamins A and B12! I love the flavors and the two ways to add the product to my beverage. You can grab yourself a four-pack to test for yourself from PureLYFT’s amazon for an easy subscribe and save yourself $.53 per serving. Otherwise, they come out to be around $2.50 each for the four-pack. That’s about the cost of a coffee on the go, although are convenient store coffee machines as clean as you think they are?

UPDATE: I just got a response back within 25 minutes, wow, talk about customer support! I am happy to announce that the CEO personally responded to my inquiry about the concern over recyclability. Erik Elfstrum explained, while currently, yes, they are indeed recyclable, they are still making huge strides to make big changes coming later this year — by the end of the fourth quarter this year they are making the switch to HEMP PLASTIC so it’s fully biodegradable! A truly clean and green product — now THAT I can get behind! Their vision to strive for is a quality product that is fully sustainable. Way to go PureLYFT! He even offered me more samples, which at first I over-read because I was just excited to know that PureLYFT is a company with a vision for a better, cleaner, greener energy! 😍

Daily Goodie Box February 2020Daily Goodie Box February 2020

Natralia – Anti-itch Soothing Cream

Natralia’s natural skincare range of products provides a gentle formation for all skin types while ensuring maximum efficiency and safety. Natralia is an Australian based company that focuses on clean natural ingredients in their products. The Natralia brand is the result of in-depth focused product development. According to its website, Lacorium Health, the owners of Natralia, are renowned for their innovative approach in manufacturing their products with extremely high levels of quality. All ingredients are pharmaceutical grade whenever possible and they rigorously test raw materials and finished products to the highest standards. Their products include natural ingredients like colloidal oatmeal, lavender, shea butter, tea tree oil, clary sage, aloe vera and menthol among other natural herbs and oils.

I grew up using that pink Caladryl lotion that always made my rashes and sunburn dryer than before. Before trying this product on my skin I had no idea this company even existed, and I don’t know about you but I tend to get sunburned a lot—one is because I stay inside a lot, and two I am just prone to UV burns due to my fair skin. The soothing cream has a light menthol scent that is satisfying but not overpowering and it rubs in clear leaving no residue behind. I like that is doesn’t have any petroleum which can leave skin feeling greasy like some products. It has a bit of topical analgesic, I can feel the very light cool tingling. I think the only thing I dislike about this product is the short shelf life. The self-life expires in May, which is just 4 months away. Glad they sent over two so I can share, there’s no way I am using both by then.


Daily Goodie Box February 2020Daily Goodie Box February 2020

Nature Nate’s – Raw Unfiltered Honey

Bees, bees, bees, bzzz! Everyone knows that our bees are declining, but did you know that without bees our ecosystem would drastically decline. We need bees, and bees need us to help them prosper. Nature Nate’s wants you to know they believe we all have a responsibility for making a positive impact on the future of bee health. Yes, bees give us delicious honey (which we personally can’t live without!), but more importantly, they sustain our ecosystems. Without them, we wouldn’t have what we need to live healthy, happy lives. Nate’s Nature not only provides us with delicious unfiltered honey, but they also raise bee awareness. They are working with partners who are working to identify and correct the causes of bee declines.

According to Nature Nate’s web site, they support the ones who have the same vision as they do – to protect and take care of bees and their hives, not just profit from them. They even provide free testing to their family of beekeepers to ensure the bees have not been exposed to commonly used pesticides, herbicides or antibiotics. That’s what you get with their honey – pure, unadulterated goodness, thanks to the trusted beekeepers. Together, they work to support bee populations and keep hives healthy.

I have bad allergies and usually use local honey if I can find it. but I appreciate the purity, love, and care that goes into making Nature Nate’s Unfiltered Honey. I love that it’s pure, no artificial color, no added sugars or water that can cause it to ferment. And they take care of their bees, because of them, their hives are staying healthy and away from harsh pesticides. I think the honey speaks for itself, buy honey, support bees, save the planet, pretty sweet and so is the honey!


Skinny Crisps Gluten-Free Gourmet Crackers

According to their website, Skinny Crisps are a nutritious, satisfying, crispy cracker that combines great taste with gluten-free ingredients and contains approximately one net carb per cracker. Skinny Crisps are the perfect snack for those who need to eliminate gluten and decrease carbohydrates from their diet. These treats are high in fiber and have little effect on blood sugar levels. Skinny Crisps are baked in our gluten-free facility. They use only the highest quality ingredients including ground almonds, chickpea flour, sorghum flour, organic ground golden flax seeds, psyllium husks, organic evaporated cane juice, olive oil, and sea salt, plus spices and assorted toppings. They are a perfect substitute for toast or bread.

Well, low carb diet, I may just come back… I know we’ve been on-again, off-again, but let’s give this another try. Please take me back, my weight depends on you! I very much looooooved the Whole Shebang crackers because I am a stickler for garlic and all thing beagle. The ingredients are clean and simple, and the crackers, yeah, they are handmade by real people, not some machine that gosh knows what is crawling through it!

Right now they are offering 15% off on their website.


Eco Lips – MONGO KISS™ Lip Balm

Eco-Lips is a company that searches for the purest, highest quality certified organic ingredients and they don’t take shortcuts. Their supply chain consists of vendors who have undergone the strict analysis of the eco-lips purchasing team that has committed to being environmentally responsible for product and manufacturing specs. Eco-Lips manufacturing facility has taken the steps to secure the proper certifications, including the gold standard of USDA Organic, verified NON-GMO, Fair Trade certified, NSF Organic Ingredient certified. Eco-Lips gluten-free, cruelty-free, used 30% less plastic, and they use a solar-farm located on the roof of their 5,900-foot manufacturing facility that supplies 75% of the energy they use.

I am a lip balm addict, I have a plethora of lip balms around the house, so many different brands to choose from. I haven’t chosen a favorite brand that is available everywhere. Daily Goodie Box sent me over the Yumberry and the Honey Vanilla, which you can find in-store at Walm-Mart for as low as $1.97. I love the Yumberry more than the Honey Vanilla, which I thought would be the opposite because I love honey and vanilla. The balm melts into your lips as you applying it, and feels silky smooth.

Because it melts so easily I don’t think this would be suited for hot conditions like being left in the car or in your bag at the beach, it could get messy, this I know from experience. My lips feel very supple and moisturized, if I see this in store, I might consider purchasing. It has a lot of product for the price. As far as committing to the Eco-Lips, I think I can’t just stick to one brand because I am always losing and finding my lip balms around my home. If I lick my lips, the Eco-Lips balm has a slight unattractive aftertaste that just sits at the back of my mouth. I am definitely about their vision of clean and organic.


Flathau’s Fine Foods – Cheese Straws

There isn’t a whole lot of information about this company that is made available, but here’s what I do know. Flathau’s Fine Food made probably the first hybrid cookie candy, they fused shortbread with a sugar cookie and crushed candy to make what they call ‘The Snap’. Since then there have been many copycat recipes from other companies. Former biologist Heather Flathau and her husband Jeff created their recipes based on Jeff’s grandmothers’ recipe, their goal was to create a cookie that tasted like nothing that had been done before. Heather came up with the cookie candy combination before launching their company. They add crushed hard candy powder and powdered sugar to coat their cookies to give it extra flavor. Then stuff them in bags that then go into aluminum paint cans to really stand out.

I received the Flathau’s Cheese Straws with a tough of Chipotle. I wish I had some to eat while I write this, but… I ate them all when I wrote the review on the Daily Goodie Box site. I love, love, love these cheesy chipotle cheese straws. I probably couldn’t and shouldn’t keep them in the house because I would demolish the cheese straws anytime they were around. They are made with simple ingredients and don’t have preservatives in them. I love the nice cheesy crunch with a hint of spice, it’s not spicy though. It’s a nice kiss of heat without being hot.

These gourmet edibles would be perfect for parties, to gift or even to selfishly indulge! If I find these in stores, boy am I in trouble! Some of the products from Flathau’s Fine Food come in what looks like paint cans and is a great container to re-use for pens or even nicknacks. I can’t get over this, I have known about them but haven’t had a chance to try anything other than their Key Lime Snaps. If you have not tried their cookies, you’re missing out on a really good cookie!!!


Coco Luxe – Hydration

Coco Luxe Life is on a mission to offer the perfect pairings of pure coconut water and some of nature’s best health-boosting properties, looking for more nutritious alternatives of ‘grab-n-go drinks. Coconut water is a healthy way to hydrate and replenish electrolytes, especially on a hot day or post-workout. Coco Luce Life has a variety of flavors that include naturally berry-flavored collagen and Acai beauty blend, Citrus fresh Vitamin C, and original unflavored. They also are launching a new prebiotic inulin and a fresh lychee flavor. I am not exactly sure if it is one flavor or two different flavors, but I assume it’s just one.

I have only ever had coconut water a handful of times. I do like it, but it’s not always just coconut water, they add sugar and preservatives and sometimes artificial flavor “enhancers” or from concentrate. I really love this, it’s 100% coconut, no extra fillers, sugars or preservatives. The coconut water is natural a really refreshing! It’s a great product, I enjoyed it and would like to try it again. Though I don’t think it’s in-stores near me.


Thank you Daily Goodie Box for allowing me to discover new products.
I hope I get to try again next month!


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